Gym Facilities & Equipment

Hallamshire's fitness suite is host to a wide range of cardiovascular and resistance equipment allowing even the most complex of needs to be met.

All of our equipment comes direct from the worlds leading fitness equipment supplier, Life Fitness, and undergoes regular maintenance checks direct from Life Fitness themselves.

Cardiovascular equipment

  • Life Fitness Treadmill 9500HR (4)
  • Life Fitness Upright Lifecycle 9500HR (2)
  • Life Fitness Recumbent Lifecycle 9100 (2)
  • Life Fitness Stairclimber 9500HR (2)
  • Life Fitness Crosstrainer 9500HR (3)

Fixed resistance equipment

  • Life Fitness Hip Abductor
  • Life Fitness Hip Adductor
  • Life Fitness Chest Press
  • Life Fitness Pectoral Fly
  • Life Fitness Lat Pulldown
  • Life Fitness Dual Adjustable Pulley (DAP)
  • Life Fitness Seated Leg Press
  • Life Fitness Leg Curl

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Other equipment

  • Concept 2 rowers (3)
  • TRX suspension trainer
  • Kettlebells 12kg-28kg
  • Medicine balls 2-10kg
  • Free weights 1kg - 30kg
  • Olympic bar (20kg) and training bar (10kg)
  • EZ bar
  • Squat rack
  • Foam rollers
  • Stability balls (2)