Gym Services

Hallamshire gym provides a variety of services all designed with your fitness needs in mind.


This service is an optional appointment for all new members. It involves being shown and instructed on how to use our gym equipment by a qualified instructor. You will also be given instruction on technique and exercise advice during this appointment and are then free to use the gymnasium independently.

The induction may take up to an hour depending on your previous experience of gyms and can be booked upon joining, after signing our Health Committment Statement form. 

Exercise programmes

This service is also free to all members but is only available after the induction has been completed. This personal service includes a consultation with an instructor and the carrying out of a needs analysis. Once the wants and needs have been identified a personalized programme can be created. 

This service is included in your membership package. We encourage you to book reassessments with us every 5-8 weeks after the initial programme design. The purpose of this is to keep pushing you towards your fitness goals and to keep you motivated. We also see this as an important tool in preventing boredom which can be a major issue in gym training and often results in attendance figures dropping off.

Reassessments last up to an hour and should be booked in advance with your preferred instructor. Members are free to book appointments as often as they wish for a full reassessment, however general queries and small problems can often be solved by a quick chat with a trainer on the gym floor without an appointment.

Bodystat 1500 analysis

This appointment uses a sophisticated measuring device to determine your body's composition in terms of lean and fat weight giving total body weight. This is important as it is fat weight and not total body weight which determines health risks.

If you are overweight, it is important to ensure that lean body mass is not lost during a weight reducing diet and exercise programme. This is because it is the lean mass that burns calories and is rich in potassium, a mineral which is vital in maintaining a healthy, well-nourished body.

As people grow older, particularly over the ages of 55-60, the body becomes more susceptible to disease due to the natural loss of lean muscle mass. This process can be slowed if the person exercises regularly and eats a healthy and balanced diet.

A Bodystat analysis appointment can take up to 45 minutes. Appointments should be made with the fitness team in advance.