Racketball at the Hallamshire

Still a relatively new sport to the UK, racketball has proved to be hugely popular, attracting equal membership from men and women, young and not so young.

Racketball has quickly become a major racket sport at this club attracting over 700 members. Club tournaments and inter-club competitions provide an ideal platform for those who wish to play at a competitive level but most players also enjoy the social side of the sport.

Racketball is an ideal sport for all ages from young children to mature adults and is the easiest to play of all the racket sports. Not as complex as tennis nor as demanding as squash, the short handed racket assists eye, ball, and racket co-ordination. Even the most inexperienced players find it easy to pick up and fun to play with its longer rallies and its strong social dimension.

As with squash, we feel our youth development scheme is very important. We believe our racketball junior coaching programme not only provides a vehicle for extending individuals sporting skills and talents, it also helps to shape personal, character building attributes.

Playing opportunities

Morning Racketball Courses

Run by John Mullins, these group coaching courses are a sociable and fun way to improve your racketball skills. They run on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10am - 11.30am. These cater for all standards, for further details please contact reception.

Racket Ball drop-in

A casual drop-in session on Tuesday mornings. Come and play doubles 10am -12pm.